5 Simple Steps To Take Care Of Every Shoes You Own

Shoes are made for walking, but not all shoes are created equally. You cannot treat a leather brogue the same way you would a canvas sneaker. However, all of them need the same maintenance and proper care. The biggest mistake everyone can make is to neglect to give their shoes a little tender loving care after choosing nice or perfect pairs of shoes. You can preserve your shoes properly by learning how to keep your shoes lasting. Let these useful tips guide you:

1. Preserve The Life Of The Leather:

5 Simple Steps To Take Care Of Every Shoes You Own01

One of the crucial steps to maintain the leather of shoes is using shoe trees. A pair of shoe trees is commonly made from cedar or beech wood. As soon as you take your shoes off your feet, you should insert a pair of shoe trees in it. This will help your shoes resist developing deep creases and absorb sweat and odor from the inside of your shoes. The unvarnished ones will draw moisture out of the leather better than posh varnished trees. The necessary time to use the shoe trees is the hour or two since you removed your shoes from your feet. After your shoes return to the natural shape, the trees can be removed.

2. Never Surrender To The Wet

5 Simple Steps To Take Care Of Every Shoes You Own02

On your way home from work, you are suddenly caught in a downpour. What will you do when your shoes get wet? Follow the useful tips to save your shoes: First, use crumpled-up newspaper to stuff wet shoes and then insert a pair of shoe trees in them to ensure that your wet shoes are dried completely and still maintain its natural architecture. However, put your wet shoes away from the direct heat because direct heat dries wet shoes too fast and this causes the leather to crack. And, once this happens, there is no way you can save your shoes.

3. Freshen Smelly Shoes

To keep your shoes fresher, you firstly clean your feet more often and wash your used socks even more often at once. Also, instead of wearing the same pair of shoes for many times, you should have three interchangeable pairs of shoes. Frequently, insert the cedar shoe trees into your shoes. The unvarnished shoe trees will absorb odor and straighten your shoes out after you wear them every day. Beyond that, you can change the insoles of your shoes regularly.

4. Polish Your Shoes Regularly:

You should invest in polish with good quality because the cheaper polish may contain silicon or resins, which is not good for the leather. Compromising with the quality of the shoe polish not only makes your shoes shine, but it also prevents your shoes from moisture. Besides, you should choose right tools for polishing – just a few, but they have specific purposes. Here are some types of tools:
Shoe polish: The best choice for this tool is kiwi wax-based polish. For some people, using cream polishes with a brush is easier to use, but they do not make sure to give you the same shine.
Polishing brush: Horsehair is suitable for getting the high shine out of your shoes when you put all wax into leather.
Welt brush: are designed as a toothbrush and made for getting the grit out of the welt and the seam, where the sole joins the upper of shoes.
Sole dressing: Doorjambs and sidewalks may result in a stuffing for the edge of the sole. A sole dressing applied with a small craft brush or a cotton swab will help restore the pristine look of your shoes.
Polishing cloth: Put the lint- free cotton or linen fabric on the polish that you are using for your shoes. Then you hang on the material. The cloth would become suffused with oils and dyes if you used the same material for a long time.

5 Simple Steps To Take Care Of Every Shoes You Own03

5. Whiten Your Shoes:

For each type of shoes, it is whitened in different ways. Here are useful tips for three popular shoes:
Leather sneaker: using nail-polish remover to swab scuffs marks on your shoes and then wiping clean. When your shoes get yellowing or darkening, using a 50/50 mixture of lemon juice and water to spray on your shoes and leave it under the sun for a full day.
Leather shoe: Hollywood Sani-White polish is recommended for lighter scuff marks. If a pair of shoes were never white, using a fresh coat of matte white latex paint
Canvas sneaker: The 50/50 mixture of water and lemon juice also works for this type of shoes, but to clean more serious stains, you have to create a blend of a touch of water with a tablespoon of baking soda.

Good shoes with great leather are a good bargain because you avoid spending too much money to buy new ones. Of course, when you invested your hard-earned cash in a quality pair of shoes, you need to have long-term care for them. Put some time and effort into preserving them, especially the fabric and the soles of shoes. By this way, your quality shoes will be kept longer than any cheap ones.