7 Luxury Sneaker Brands Worth Spending Your Money On

Like selvedge denim, luxury sneaker brands is also a kind of popular product, however, this also means you may be more difficult to choose the best one. The famous designers such as Yohji Yamamoto, Raf Simons, and Rick Owens have embraced footwear side for a long time whilst some others have just taken part in this party recently. For example, Common Projects Sneaker Brand has made the case for a decade even had the special street cred.

Therefore, knowing clearly each sneaker brand will help you have a right decision. In the rest of this post, there is enough information you may care about. Keep reading below, please!


Origins: Founded 2008 in Brooklyn
The look: In New York, this Epaulet menswear boutique is well-known because of its impressive appearance and a affordable price. When Mike Kuhle – the owner branches out from his successful footwear line, he broke it into the market of high-end sneaker to complete the casual offerings. With its cost, this model is really great.


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Origins: Founded 2009 in Amsterdam
The look: This is inspired from the hiking Mountain Cut mid-top with speed hooks and D-ring eyelets. However, it has been developed by designer Guillaume Phillibert for the high tongue style which offers a minimal, offbeat appeal. Their laser-etched upper contrasts with softer quilted leather materials.


Origins: Founded 2010 in Amsterdam
The look: ETQ AMSTERDAM – a Dutch sneaker company is famous for a premise which when you pay your money for a pair of sneaker, it should be for its quality without its brand name. After ETQ launched 5 years, most customers have recognized this nice sneaker brand strongly. The artisanal Portuguese factories have manufactured these shoes in a small quality out of some materials such as suede and calf leather. Even its cost is also less than most kicks coming from the luxurious fashion houses.

• Y-3

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Origins: Founded 2003 in Tokyo
The look: Yohji Yamamoto – the Japanese designer created a collaborative line with Y-3 and Adidas. Within a decade, this made forward-thinking sportswear before “goth ninja” had become a descriptor of things such as drapey, dark, designer and before “athleisure” had been the marketing buzzword. Qasa silhouette of Yamamoto has also contributed the newfound fashion relevance of Adidas. His design ability was known more by masses when the early model was developed into a more democratically.


Origins: Founded 2010 in Stockholm
The look: Sneakers of Spalwart Company come in the various shapes, however, the track-inspired Marathon Trail is the most popular kind. In generally, it looks like the suave European counterpart. This is a very comfortable and stylish design.


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Origins: Founded 2005 in New York
The look: This is considered as a minimal luxurious sneaker craze now for sure. The Achilles has been a great thing to recover Jordan-fiends as its aspiring fashion nerd. If today, people love foaming at the suede Common Projects Chelsea boots’ mouth, the sexy and straightforward Achilles’ undeniable appeal has proved that it can get a convertible timeless status.


Origins: Founded 1988 in Paris
The look: Although currently, John Galliano has been the fashion house’s helm, the designer footwear legacy of Maison Margiela can relatively remain untouched. The standard German army trainer sneaker’s upscale reinterpretation is the most prominent design. It is made from white leather with a gum sole and accented suede. Moreover, it has many treatments and color ways which range from intricate basket-weave materials to colorful metallic leather and meticulous paint splatter. In fact, the Margiela Future with the covered eyelets and the gigantic leather strap has had its own cult following.