A Girl’s Guide on How to Buy and Wear High Heels

A Girl’s Guide on How to Buy and Wear High Heels01

High heels almost always add an air of refinement to any look. Especially, stiletto heels never go out with of style with true fashionistas. But, wearing heels that do not fit your feet correctly can immediately make you detract from your intended fashion statement. Moreover, you can suffer from bunions, fallen arches and corns. Finding high heels that fit just right can be difficult, but by taking a little time to learn how to inspect the shoes as your try them on and how to find out your foot size, you can save yourself from a lot of unexpected discomfort and troubles in the long run.

1. How to Buy High Heels:

● Get your foot measured:

Most shoes store will have tools that can properly measure your foot size. Some stores have advanced devices can fit around your foot and adjust to the foot dimensions to determine the size of your shoe. If you cannot find these devices, you can learn these small tips to measure your foot yourself:

  • First, trace the outline of your feet with a pencil on two separate sheets of paper.
  • Next, use a ruler to measure front the top most of your foot to the bottom of your heel.
  • Then, measure from the furthermost edges to get the width of your foot.
  • Finally, you should draw a giant cross in the middle of your traced foot.

● Select your heel height

A Girl’s Guide on How to Buy and Wear High Heels02
There are many various heel heights to choose from. The ideal heel height is between one to three inches. Besides, the ones over three inches may put more stress on your lower back, ankles, and knees. But, you should choose a heel height you feel comfortable with. The 1.5 to 2 inch heels are kitten heels. These heels are good for all day wear. And, the 3 inch heels are classic heel height and are suitable for working women. As 4 inch heels, the 5 or 6 heels is appropriate for after work and weekend activities because they are less comfortable and are difficult to walk in. You should only use them when you do not do a lot walking and only plan to wear them for a few hours.

• Put the heel on your feet

Firstly, slide your feet into the heels. If you struggle to fit your feet into the heels, the heels are probably small. In this case, you should try going up a half or whole size. On the contrary, if your feet slide into the heels easily and there are a lot of room between insides of the heels and your feet, the heels may be too big. You need to go down a half or whole size in this case.

● Inspect the areas of heel
  • The first part of heel you should consider is the heel area. If the shoe heels are cutting into, squeezing or scraping the skin of heel, the shoe may be too small. This results in giving cuts or blisters on your heels. If there is more than 1 cm of room between your heel and the heel of a shoe, the shoe may be too big for you. This leads to too much movement in the shoe and then creates friction between your skin and the heel that can also give blisters.
  • The next area is toe area. If you feel too tight or uncomfortable in the toe area of a shoe, they are most likely too small. Besides that, if your toes are hanging off the front edge of the shoe, the heels are probably too big.
  • Last but not least, you should inspect the sides of your feet. If your foot exceeds any of its natural parameters, the shoe is probably too small. If there is excessive space between the sides of your feet and the inside edges of the heel, the heel is most likely too big.
● Walk around in heel

A Girl’s Guide on How to Buy and Wear High Heels03

You cannot fully know how the heels fit until you walk around to be a live test run of how you will feel wearing the heels. Besides, remember to inspect the fitting areas of the heels (heel, sides, and toes) while you are walking around. Wearing around with the heels on will help you realize the uncomfortable rubbing or noticeable spacing. That is the reason why walking in the heels before buying them is so necessary.

2. How to Wear High Heels:

● Use cushions and insoles

A Girl’s Guide on How to Buy and Wear High Heels04

If wherever has a lot of pressure or friction, you should add cushioning the place to release your feet from it. For more comfortable walking, the cushions are made in different shapes and from various materials that you can stick on the inside of your shoes. You can get some insoles that make the shoes smaller by half a size and add more comfort value when your shoes are slightly too big. You have no worry for discomfort when using these innovative items generously.

● Take smaller steps

When walking in the high heel, you should take small, slow steps, making sure not to bend your knees any more than you normally would. High heels tend to shorten your stride a bit. The taller the heel, the shorter the stride ends up being. You should stick with small rather than take bigger steps. Furthermore, taking dainty steps will help your walk look more natural and help you to feel more comfortable.

● Walk from heel to toe

Walking in heels is not as same as walking in flats because you need to walk on the balls of your feet. Besides, you have to put whole foot down at once. In this case, put your heel on the ground first, followed smoothly by your toes. Then, shift your weight forward as if you are walking on your tip toes once your weight is on the balls of your feet. And, push forward the next step.

● Improve your posture

The purpose of walking in heels is to look comfortable and confident. If you are slouching and shuffling as you walk, it kind of defeats the aim of wearing them in the first place. To get the perfect posture, you firstly adjust your head correctly. Your head should be in line with your spine and your chin should be parallel with the floor. When walking in heels, you should avoid looking down. Then, keep your arms relaxed at your sides when you put your shoulders back and down. Also, swing your arms slightly as you walk for balance. And, keeping your abdominal muscles engaged will help your stand up straighter while also making you look thinner. As you walk, bend your knees slightly, keep your legs close together and point your toes directly ahead.

● Don’t wear high heels too often

High heels help you look more attractive and elegant, but they will have more of an effect when you save them for special occasions. Wearing heels too often will put pressure on your lower back and form blisters and bunions on the back of the heel. If you need to wear heels daily for work, you need to give your feet some time to recover by trying wearing different shoes with varying heights. This helps restrain too much pressure or friction from concentrating on one particular spot and keep your feet feeling fresh.

Finding the right heels to compliment your height is difficult, it can also be struggle to find a pair that you feel safe walking in. With these above guides, you can find a pair that fit you well and know how to walk in heels easily. And most importantly, wearing heels correctly make you feel confident.

3. 8 Types Of Heels You Need To Know About

It can be not exactly a secret that heels are not the best for your health. Many scientific studies have advised women against wearing the footwear on a regular basis. To help make clear some things, you should dig through the scientific archives to find some of the most prominent research done on the topic. Wearing heels over a long period is not very good for you. But, you can learn about the types of heels and choose the comfort one for you. From that, you can avoid some issues of ankles, feet, spine, and more. Here are the 18 types of heels you need to know about

1. Stilettos

The heels are the highest heels reaching up to 8”. You may work hard to master how to walk in stilettos, but when you do, there is no turning back. Stilettos can instill amazing confidence in you, are not easy to walk in. So, you should wear them when you need to feel powerful in a situation you do not move around too much.

2. Sling Backs

Slings backs are ideal heels if you need some stability in your high heels. With a nifty strap, the heels hook towards the back of your ankle. It is important to choose these to look good while also feeling secure.

3. Kitten Heels

When you want immense comfort, kitten heels are a perfect choice. They are ideal for professional occasions. The comfort that these heels provide is awesome.

4. Ankle Strap

As slings backs, ankle strap heels offer more support. The comfort is much better because of the strap. Besides, the shoes would be more secure.

 5. Peep Toe Heels

Peep toe heels come in many sizes, designs and they are flirty heels. They also tease with the front of your foot peeking out.

6. Wedges

The height of wedges is similar to that of stilettos or other high-heeled alternatives. But, one chunk of material flows from the sole to the heel. The heel is everywhere.

7. Ankle Boots

The ankle boots are very popular for the last few years. They are like normal booties, but they end around your ankles. The heels are usually medium height about 2-3” and sometimes more.


8. Pumps

The pumps are lower than the stilettos about 2-3”. With simple designs and no fuss heels, they are ideal for any occasion. The front part is low cut and classy in these essential heels.


High heels are powerful weapons for women deductions. You do not need to add too much more. The heels can be killers for your feet, but they make your legs look great. So, choosing the right shoe not only make you look killer but feel good too.