Skechers GOrun 5 Review

General Information:

In general, Skechers GOrun 5 is a pair of the very lightweight trainer so it is able to take only pounding in two miles and make your high-quality run. Remember that this type is the flagship one of the company so it has more levels of speed and racing. Because GOrun 5 is a neutral trainer with a full cushion so it competes against ASICS Cumulus or Brooks Ghost. But the advantage of this kind of shoe is that you can buy easily any available on the market today.

Skechers GOrun 5 Review 01

In my experience, I have been attractive when seeing them for the first time due to their eye-catching colors – royal blue accented with a little orange. This combination creates the almost purple shoes.
Moreover, I also used to test them during a day. Thanks to being cushioned so they are really good on the feet, although I wore them all day.
However, the key why you should buy them for your first run is that in spite of its softness, you don’t be lost the point of ground feel. What I felt is that lightweight and springy even it seems to push me towards step by step.

Sole Unit:

  •  Sporting a good layer of GOrun 5’s 5GEN cushioning can offer a light and pretty responsive cushion so the cushion level is a worthwhile point of this kind of shoe.
  • They stably land in the high 4 to almost 5 cushion level in your feet in terms of utilizing a 1 – 5 cushion level (1: barefoot, 5: max cushion).
  • Rather than being soft like your feet is really sinking into a cushion, the Skechers GOrun 5‘s cushion just works propellant as running and good as a bounce.
  • Although they have a high cushion level, their stack height is still designed extremely reasonable (18mm heel per mid-foot to 14mm forefoot).
  • In my opinion, the most impressive part is that a 13-sized shoe (my trainer) is in only 8.3oz. With from $100 for a shoe, you will get an impressive combination of responsive, soft and bouncy design.
  • During my all-day test, the parametric web outsole is a disadvantage to this type of trainer while according to literature, its manufactory promises to offer a good traction on several different surfaces.
  • Nonetheless, function of outsole is fully on dry surfaces, though the grip will lack a little on the snow, ice, or fully saturated concrete.
  • It’s still alright without being poorly, if you run on the raining condition a couple of days, however, there is nothing in comparison with shoes like Brooks Ghost.
  • As I said easier, when meeting fully saturated concrete, this trainer will be lost its grip over time. What’s more, this design is not spent for snow and ice conditions so keep in mind this to avoid performing your poorly runs.

Skechers GOrun 5 Review 02

Upper Information:

Just have one word for the Skechers’ upper – “wonderful“. This kind of shoe can make your feet comfortable completely, thanks to the fully seamless with its good lacing system especially the mesh – this part protects your feet away from the cool condition while running.
But, in the cold months of winter, this part becomes a downside. It is so breathable that you will need to wear one, even more, layers of the warmest running socks.
Don’t forget that this upper doesn’t waterproof at all. Why do I know? That’s because I was wet when running under the rain. Furthermore, running on the snowy sidewalks and streets with it is not also a good choice.
As mentioned above, if you don’t use it on the cold condition, its breathable tongue is the best point. It just stays in place while you are running.
It is very easy on and off of your sketches as on the upper’s heel, people place a “Quick-Fit” tab on it. Although many users would overlook this feature, I see this tab works more effective than others I used to experience even it is highly appreciated by some users.
This upper fits correctly true to size plus a bit space in each toe box to land as well as toe off.
Perhaps the heel hold stable without being tight isn’t great as the heel cup on the Under Armours, however, it is still ok. It opens a little into your mid-foot but that is still tight enough to lock your foot in.
It keeps opening into your forefoot comfortably without too being wide. In spite of a lot of space, you may like a pretty wider toe box on the trainer’s upper.


In the end of this post, perhaps you have recognized the Skechers GOrun 5 is so amazing. They are not a joke as thinking of most people. Just need to try once, it will be your favorite like me.
I have used my ones to run 130 miles but until now it is still as great as when I have just purchased. However, to last their lifespan, you had better plan buying another pair for a rotation.